Marc Mennigmann (cs/key)

Marc Mennigmann – Chapman Stick & Keyboards

Marc started working as a musical chameleon over 30 years ago. After first steps on classical guitar he discovered his love to the piano and improvised music at the age of 15. He played his first larger concerts as pianist of the Rock & Blues formation “Raped Guys”, a Iserlohn dinosaur of the 80′s.

After that he started playing countless Jazz sessions in the German Ruhrgebiet. He played in various bands in different styles and trends (Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Blues, Rock, Reggae), always adding his unique and spirited keyboard playing.

Additionally to the piano, he learned playing drums and the bass guitar, but on his endless search for new forms of expression, he finally encountered the Chapman Stick, a stringed instrument invented in the late 1960′s. This instrument, with a tone range from low bass registers to the highest guitar notes, is played by using a both-handed “tapping” technique, just like a piano without keys. It is a fully polyphonic chordal instrument, so it can cover several musical parts simultaneously which Marc already was familiar to from the piano.

Marc switched to the Chapman Stick as his main instrument, playing a wide range of improvised music, but always stays connected to his musical roots. Feel the Funk!

More information about Marc can be found at his homepage