The Artwork

AusschnittWell, I know you are curious! And I know you want to see the album cover of the upcoming SAM release. Unfortunately it is not finished yet. But fortunately we are so deeply impressed by Dominiques first draft, that we want to share a little of it here. No, we will not show you the whole draft, just this small part of it. Do you like it as we do?

And while you are waiting for the release, please join our contest and win a copy of the complete digital release.

Did you already join our contest?

PeterYou can win the complete SAM recordings that will be released end of July.

We are giving away 20 complete digital releases which will be available for download on Bandcamp.

If you want to win a copy, please follow these three steps:

1) Like our FaceBook page
2) Share this article in your own FaceBook timeline.
3) Shortly comment this article, to let us know you participate.

As soon as the record is released on Bandcamp, we will contact the winners via FaceBook or Email.

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