Peter Alexius (g)

Peter Alexius – Guitars

Peter Alexius (also known as the Worringer) plays guitar since the early 1990s. His stringplay is influenced by many known guitar players and artists like Adrian Belew, Bill Frisell, Mike Keneally, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Mark Ribot and Sonic Youth to name just a few.

Peter never wrote a song like Todd Rundgren did.

The free improvisation without suffocating rules was always his native language.

He worked in several constellations like the punk-jazz ambient trio HSA, the free-fusion trio NUTRIO, the avant-prog-project SAAL or the avant-4tet Balm, always interacting with other free minds in music.

Over the years Peter experimented with about 2500 effect pedals, still using more than 100 of them.
Over the years Peter experimented with about 200 musicians, using still most of them…
The Süddeutsche Zeitung once called him a “Palimpsest”. He always tried to break one’s limitations, often failed, but succeeded to develop his own esthetics of sound, rhythm and structure over the years.

As one of the three SAM-eponyms, Peter will be playing guitars, baritone guitars, acoustic-guitar, electronics, loops, synthesizers and his own voice.