• Lee_Kirkpatrick

    Eagerly waiting for recordings!

    • http://www.facebook.com/themmstick Marc Mennigmann

      Lee, we are working on this almost night and day. Hopefully we will have a sneak preview of the 11 hours studio session in a few days, so please stay tuned and spread the word! Best, Marc

      • Lee_Kirkpatrick

        That’s great news. I will check back often for updates, and oc course I will spread the word!

        How much of the recorded material — both studio and  live — do you plan to release? I am eager to hear as much as I can!

        • mennigmann

          Well, plans is to release at least a 2 CD pack of the studio recordings. We did not have a look at the live recordings by now, so I don’t know if there will also be releases of live material. Anyway there will be enough great stuff for at least a 140 minutes 2 CDs release. Anyway we will of course release short excerpts in advance on this website…