The Bass-Beast

The Bass Beast

The Bass Beast – Foto by Dr. Jörg Jäger

No, it is of course not Julie! She is the bass-wizard. The Bass-Beast is Marc’s half fretless Stick-Bass, a custom instrument made by Emmett Chapman, the inventor of the Chapman Stick. Marc always wanted an instrument that enables him to play deep growling basslines and instantly switch from a fretted neck to fretless.
The solution was to have two identically tuned sets of four strings on a regular Stick Bass SB8, but to have four of the eight strings with a fretless metal inlay that will enable fretless tapping. The special pickup “PASV-4™ Block™” has two separate outputs for each string set and makes it easy to process the fretless sound with other effects and amplification than the fretted strings. For processing of the signals Marc uses two Fractal Audios Axe-Fx, an Atomic Cab and a Glockenklang amp.
“The Bass-Beast” will be featured on several tracks of the upcoming SAM release.