Zaki - Photo by Christian Fischer

Zaki – Photo by Christian Fischer

Yesterday night I received the mastered results of the last few studio days. Here are the numbers:

  • 36 Tracks
  • 3 hours and 13 minutes total playing time
  • 6,15 GB WAV-Files with 88.2kHz sample rate

Next step: finding a name for each of the tracks and arranging the play order. Deciding which of these tracks really will make it on the 2 CD set, because we only have 2 x 80 = 160 minutes. All current tracks sum up to 193 minutes which means slightly more than 30 minutes can not be released on the CDs. These tracks will be fine for the release of an extra EP, or a bonus download, or a teaser, or as a free giveaway. What do you think about it?
Meanwhile waiting for the first drafts of the artwork…

  • Lee_Kirkpatrick

    I’m excited to hear that things are moving along and the CDs will be available soon: I can’t wait to hear them!

    As for the “extra” music that won’t fit on the 2-CD set, all of your ideas are good ones. Personally it doesn’t matter to me, as long as it is made available in some form or another. However, I do have a couple of thoughts that might be worth considering. I think the crucial question is whether you feel that the “extra” material is every bit as “good” as the material on the CDs. If you are going to use “quality” as the criterion for deciding what goes on the CD, and the material that is left off is excluded because you think it just isn’t quite as good, then you certainly would not want to use this extra material as a “teaser.” Your “teaser” material should be some of the very best stuff, not the stuff that wasn’t good enough to make it on the album. In this case I would recommend the strategy that Julie used for “Terroir,” which was to released two actual CD tracks in advance as “singles.” On the other hand, if you think all of the material is equal in quality, and you choose what to include on the CD based on other criteria — e.g., because it fits together in a way that creates a cohesive album — then I would consider releasing the extra material as an EP or download, so that people who really liked the 2-CD set would have access to more.

    Good luck getting this wrapped up. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or any of those things, but I’ll certainly put in a plug for the project at

    • mennigmann

      thanks for your detailed comment!

      Our first selection was 5 hours of the original material. Then we trimmed down the selection to the final 193 minutes which can not be reduced further. For these 193 minutes, there is no “not so good” material anymore. Everything demands to be released. ;-)

      Therefore we will release a 2 CD length version and a separate EP with the remaining material. The EP will be available for the people buying the boxed limited CD version for free.

      Thanks for helping to spread the word!