Zaki Kiokakis (g)

Athanassios “Zaki” Kiokakis – Guitar

Zaki started as an autodidact guitar player over 20 jears ago. After realizing his true passion for this instrument, he started studying music (Jazz, Popular, Latin etc.) at the Conservatorium in Arnhem NL.

After his studies and experiences in a lot of bands like Kinito (Jazz/Jungle/Hip Hop), Fantaloop (Soul,R’n'B), SLM (Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock’n'Roll), Big Bands and several projects in traditional Jazz and Pop music, he left to Cologne, Germany.

The most important thing for a musician should be to develop his sound and his voice on the instrument he plays. This is the basic foundation of Zaki’s work as a modern, all-round guitar player, no matter if playing live or in the studio.

Zaki already played with and for a wide range of artists:
The Wicked, Percy Duke (R.Palmer), Pamela Falcon, Onita Boone (W. Houston), Wolf Maahn, The Red Tab, Sisters (Keepers), Mamadee & Tamika, CTO, Roncali meets classic Orchestra, Homegrown House Band-Cologne, Edita Abdieski and many more.